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Published: 12 May, 2021

USBE Alumni Foundation Prize 2021

NEWS The 2021 recipient of the USBE Alumni Foundation's scholarship of SEK 10,000, which is awarded in collaboration with Swedbank, has been appointed.

Text: Rickard Lindberg

The recipient is Mathias Särkimukka, student at the Retail and Supply Chain Management Program but with a chosen specialization in Accounting. The prize will be handed out at the annual graduation ceremony. Throughout his studies, Mathias has been active in the Finance Mastery in the student association HHUS, where he has worked to make the issues of finance visible through both events and article in the student magazine Ekbladet.

Mathias was part of the group that planned and carried out the financial trip to Stockholm in 2019, where 20 students got to visit a number of financial actors. Mathias also managed to part-finance the trip for all participants by applying for and receiving funding from a memorial fund in the industry. Mathias has also taken on the role of auditor at Unga aktiesparare in Umeå.

Furthermore Mathias has also successfully participated in the Swedish Championships in business/economics where he won the Umeå competition two years in a row. With a 6th place nationally last year, he now hopes for an even better position 2021 with a semifinal that will take place soon.

By successfully participating in national competitions, Mathias inspires fellow students at USBE and shows that the quality of education in Umeå is very good in national comparison. In addition to his efforts in these areas, Mathias has also contributed to the social well-being of his fellow students by acting within the welcoming committee for new students as well as participating in international buddy programs. As a buddy, Mathias took the initiative to invite international students to a Björklöven hockey game and to play curling.

Said about Mathias:

An unpretentious role model who always encourages and motivates to engage in both extracurricular activities and to aim for good study results

- “It is incredibly honoring to be this year's recipient of the USBE Alumni Foundation's scholarship and I would like to thank you very much for this award. I would also like to send a special greeting to all committed members within our student organisations HHUS´ Finance Mastery and to my teammates in the Swedish Championships in Economics.

- To current and future students, I want to encourage you to get involved alongside your studies, find something you find interesting and take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered during your studies. With this award, I hope that students and future recipients of this award will be inspired and contribute to USBE's activities in one way or another for a long time to come.”