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Published: 17 May, 2021

USBE Pedagogical Prize 2021

NEWS The pedagogical prize winner 2021 is an experienced teacher with a strong commitment and engagement in her meeting with our learners. Appreciated among colleagues and students. Senior Lecturer Catherine Lions is awarded the USBE Pedagogical Prize of 2021.

Catherine Lions, Department of Business Administration is noted for having further developed her pedagogy during the ongoing pandemic so that the students felt seen and noticed also online. The students especially highlight Catherine's passion for her teaching role and the in-depth explanations and examples that are given both in lectures, recorded material, and when questions are answered.

This prize is a wonderful gift that means a lot to me, since it comes from students and colleagues. I feel happy and honored.

Through her pedagogy, within business administration, particularly in finance, the students have felt included and inspired to see the connection between theory and practice. The teaching activities carried out in a digital environment have worked well in terms of seminars, group work, and presentations and given the students the active support they need to master their studies under these special circumstances.

The objective of our Pedagogical Prize is to encourage teachers’ efforts to improve and develop the conditions for students’ learning, in line with our goal of offering a high-quality learning environment that encourages analytical, critical, and independent thinking for our students.


- Last months have been challenging and impressive collective work has been achieved for managing major disruption in pedagogy. It is nice to belong to this great bunch of excellent, qualified and engaged teachers! USBE students are worth it! Thank you all at USBE for a long series of wonderful years, with inspiration and gratefulness always present.