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Published: 2022-04-29

USBE Pedagogical Prize 2022

NEWS Associate Professor Lina Schelin, Department of Statistics, is awarded the USBE Pedagogical Prize of 2022. Lina is recognized for her way of engaging and including students in teaching and for developing an atmosphere in the room (physical or digital) that makes students feel safe and where students’ learning is in focus.

This year's theme for nominations: Pedagogical innovation for student engagement in physical and/or digital education environment.

Lina has, among other things, worked with a special pedagogical approach where the students at the beginning of a course week get tasks to solve. The students meet later the same week for discussions in small groups, where the participants have solved different, but similar, assignments. The groups are divided according to a self-assessment of the students’ level of prior knowledge. Experience has shown that a group division linked to the level of prior knowledge supports all students' learning. Students with a higher level of prior knowledge learn more when discussing the tasks together. At the same time, students with a lower level of knowledge are given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss based on their needs. At the time of discussion, teachers are on site and walk around among the groups. The teacher's allocation of time can be adapted to the prior levels of knowledge of the different groups. Lina and her colleagues strive to create an open discussion climate where students feel safe and dare to ask questions.

– I am, of course, happy and grateful for the award. I find teaching both important and fun. In my teaching, I try to create a learning environment where students feel safe. Therefore, it is extra gratifying to receive confirmation that the students are also experiencing this.

– I also see the award as a confirmation that the pedagogical development work we do within the department is relevant and important. We have continuous pedagogical discussions, and there is a great engagement in pedagogical development work.