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Published: 2023-01-11

Vaccination centre on Campus Umeå closes

NEWS 20 January is the last day the vaccination centre in Universum on Campus Umeå will be open. Region Västerbotten is now urging everyone to get vaccinated before the centre closes.

Text: Josefin Laestadius

Region Västerbotten opened the vaccination centre on Campus Umeå, with the support of Umeå University, in September 2021. Since then, it has played an important role in the vaccination work against COVID-19.

“It was important to Umeå University to contribute to the vaccination work in any way we could. And we have done so by supporting Region Västerbotten and making our premises available to them. Having the vaccination centre on campus has also been beneficial to students and staff,” says Per Ragnarsson, chairperson of the Crisis Management Team at Umeå University and Deputy University Director.

Dwindling need for a vaccination centre

According to Region Västerbotten, most people have now taken their COVID-19 and flu doses, and a central vaccination centre is no longer needed in Umeå. Also, it is not as financially justifiable to keep a vaccination centre open all year round as it was during the pandemic. Region Västerbotten is now urging everyone who was planning on getting vaccinated to do so before the centre closes. Currently, the centre offers vaccinations against COVID-19, the flu, pneumococcal disease, whooping cough during pregnancy after week 16 and human papillomavirus infection (HPV) for women born 1994–1999.

When the campus vaccination centre closes, vaccinations will instead be administered at healthcare centres, Region Västerbotten states.

What the emptied premises in Universum will be used for is yet undecided.

“The premises will returned to the University, but we have still not decided what they will be used for next,” says Per Ragnarsson.

More information about vaccination can be found on Region Västerbotten’s website.