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Published: 22 Sep, 2020

What do YOU think? Participate in the UmU-Barometer and make your voice heard

NEWS Introducing the UmU-Barometer: a survey intended to increase knowledge about what students think about important issues during their time at Umeå University. All students who have recently been admitted to a course or a degree program will receive an invitation to participate. The link to the first questionnaire will be emailed to you soon, and those who choose to take part will receive a new survey twice a year for the duration of their studies.

The first wave contains questions about society, politics, the environment, COVID-19 as well as questions about your own experiences as a student at UmU. Aggregated results will be used in scientific studies, but survey responses will also provide important insights into what students here think about hot topics such as in-person and online instruction during the coronavirus pandemic.

Unique project

The project in financed by the Swedish Research Council (VR) and is administered by researchers at the Department of Sociology.

-          The scope of the study, both in terms of its duration and the number of possible participants, makes this survey unique. By including all students at the university, we will gain a more comprehensive picture of how opinions and experiences vary within the university population. By surveying students at different points throughout their tenure here, we will also learn much about student life and academic experiences, says Andrea Bohman, one of the researchers behind the survey.

-          We hope that all students who receive an invitation will want to participate. We believe participants will find the questions interesting and the experience of contributing to research rewarding!

To participate

The UmU-Barometer launches at the end of September, when all newly admitted students will receive an invitation to participate via their email address registered in Ladok.

If you choose to participate in the first wave of the survey, you will be contacted by email about the second wave in spring and then twice per year for the remainder of your time at the university.