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Published: 2016-12-22

Welcome to UREM 2017, 14 –17 February 2017!

NEWS The Umeå Renewable Energy meeting 2017 is dedicated to presentations and discussions about artificial photosynthesis and solar fuel production from algae.

UREM is an annual conference organised in Umeå since 2009. On February 14–17 UREM 2017 will take place at the Chemical Biology Centre (KBC) of Umeå University and SLU. We will have 16 invited international speakers, 5 local speakers and 3 presentations selected from abstracts and a poster session. The meeting is highly interdisciplinary, with speakers and attendees having backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology and physiology.

The aim is to strengthen the renewable energy related research and education at Umeå University and SLU that is carried out in research environments as for example "Artificial Leaf", "Solar Fuels", "MicroBioRefine" and "Bio4Energy".

Meet the speaker lunches’ will be organized for students and postdocs, to give scientists, who are early in their career, the possibility to meet with leading scientist in small groups during a lunch meeting.

Three public lectures for pupils of the eighth grade will be held in the afternoon of the 14th of February. The event is not open for everybody.

The registration is now open!
Please submit your abstracts before 25th of January and register before 7th of February 2017.

Organising Committee:

  • Thomas Wågberg, Department of Physics
  • Johannes Messinger, Department of Chemistry, Uppsala University and Department of  Chemistry, Umeå University
  • Christiane Funk, Department of Chemistry
  • Per Gardeström, Umeå Plant Science Centre
  • Göran Samuelsson, Umeå Plant Science Centre
  • Hannele Tuominen, Umeå Plant Science Centre

Visit the conference website for more information and registration.

Download conference flyer

Research projects involved in the UREM:

SolarFuelsArtificial LeafMicroBioRefineBio4EnergyClimate Research Impacts Centre (CIRC)

Editor: Eva-Maria Diehl