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Pax Nordica 2017: The Finnish cause is ours – does that still apply?

In 2017, our neighboring country Finland celebrates 100 years of history as a sovereign nation state. It has been a dramatic century, not only for Finland but also for Sweden, which in pursuance of common history and geopolitical location, in various ways has tied it's national security policy to that of Finland.

Over the last 25 years, both countries have in different ways developed their relations to the EU, Nato and Russia. It has become more and more uncertain how close Finland and Sweden stands in their views on how to create security in Northern Europe.

After a few years of almost total military adaption to international ventures, Sweden has now reconsidered it's resources. It's own national territory and defence is back on the agenda. However, during the same period, and in spite of engagement in different international efforts, Finland never questioned the core of it's military doctrine: The ability to defend it's own country.

This raises questions that will be addressed at this year's conference.

  • What builds security in Northern Europe?
  • Which similarities and differences can be found today between the Finnish and the Swedish mentality?
  • In 2017, is it as obvious to say that "The Finnish cause is ours", as it was in the middle of the 20th century?

Pax Nordica 2017 – Programme Thursday 6 April

Place: Social Sciences Buildning, Lindell hall – Lecture Hall B
Moderator: Alf Molin, Allmänna Försvarsföreningen in Västerbotten.
Note: All 2017 lectures will be held in Swedish.

13:00 Opening Speech – Hans Adolsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University, opens Pax Nordica 2017

13:10–13:35 How to create security in northern Europe, according to Finnish views? – Matti Anttonen, Finland's Ambassador to Sweden

13:35–13:55 Security in perspective of northern European history – Hans Zetterberg, professor emeritus in History, Stockholm University

14:00–14:25 Finland and Sweden in the coming storm – Tomas Reis, senior lecturer in Security and Strategy, Swedish Defence University

14:25–14:45 Coffee break

14:45–15:05 Nato as a means for security – Anna Wieslander, Secretary General of the Swedish Defence Association

15:10–15:30 Cultural similarities and differences between Finland and Sweden – Ola Nordebo, political editor-in-chief, Västerbottens-Kuriren

15:35–16:15 Panel discussion (moderator Niklas Eklund)

16:15– Mingle (Swedish Defence Association)

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Niklas Eklund
Other position, associate professor