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Natural resource science

Research on natural resources often involves interdisciplinary issues and may adopt a scientific, social scientific, medical or humanistic perspective. Such research may include aspects of decision-making, rights, or exploitation, or the environmental and health consequences of society's needs and the utilization of resources from nature, e.g., in forestry and agriculture, reindeer husbandry and mining activities.

Latest news

Health consequences if mine opens

New report describing health effects of potential mining establishment in Kallak

Researchers are listening to the breath of streams

Researchers have delevoped method using sound recordings to estimate gas exchange in waters.

Just One-Third of the World’s Longest Rivers Remain Free-Flowing

A study in Nature shows new global assessment of the planet’s remaining free-flowing rivers.

Research projects

Large scale analysis of tree growth in space and time under changing climate conditions
Duration 1 July 2018 until 30 June 2020
Type of project Research project
How can the social values of forests contribute to sustainable rural development?
Duration 3 September 2014 until 1 September 2016
Type of project Research project