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Age, Ageing and Social Welfare

Research group With bases in both research and teaching our profile Age, Ageing and Social Welfare at the Department of Social Work focuses on age, and the social and cultural conditioning of ageing.

There are a number of social problems and areas of practice of relevance for social work that are related to age, ageing and social welfare. In this, our research aims to understand and analyse the social, cultural, and material conditioning of age, and ageing, and how care is manifested in the context of a welfare state.

Our areas of research and teaching

The following problems and areas of social welfare are thus of interest to our group:
• Discrimination
• Economic conditions
• Ethics
• Family Life
• Disabilities
• Drug abuse
• Care and care work
• Violence
• The design and organisation of welfare provision

Central concepts and theoretical perspectives

In our research a number of methodological perspectives and theoretical concepts are made topical and problematised. At present the following stand central in our research: care, care work, age, ageing, lived experience, life course, generation, ageism, gender, intersectionality, competence.


Members of our profile play a prominent part in the development of first-, second-, and third-cycle courses at the department, as well as in commissioned courses, where issues mentioned above come to the fore.

Head of research


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Social Work

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Social work
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