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Andy Ohlin lab

Research group The future is inorganic! In our lab we focus on the development of novel inorganic materials for the modern society.

Inorganic chemistry is the key to survival. Climate change is the biggest, most immediate threat which both humanity and the biosphere are facing, and the solution lies in the development of new materials that can be used for solar cells, batteries and fuel cells.

In our lab we focus on the use of molecular building blocks, such as polyoxometalates, in making thin films and bulk metal oxides that can be used in electrochemical or photochemical applications. In addition to synthesising new materials, we also use computational methods to better understand their properties and behaviours.

More information about the research

Head of research

André Ohlin
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Chemistry

Research area

Chemical sciences, Materials science

External funding

Swedish Research Council, The Kempe Foundation

External funding

Chemists celebrate 150 years with the periodic system

The introductory day at the conference in Inorganic Chemistry in Umeå, focuses on the periodic system.

Latest update: 2022-02-24