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Beatrice Melins group

Research group Brain tumors and especially gliomas are tumors that are not easily cured, and the most malignant form glioblastoma have very poor survival.

The etiology of brain tumors is not well defined, ionizing radiation, an inverse association with asthma and allergies and genetic factors are the establish causes. These factors only explain a low number of the cases.

Our group tries to understand the underlying causes of glioma, by using several different study design of molecular epidemiology for example registry studies, genome wide association studies, sequencing and metabolomics.

Our overall aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying pattern for the glioma architecture subtypes.

Some clinical PhD students have projects with similar methodologies in other cancer sites such as lymphoma and colorectal cancer, due to their primary clinical interest.

We use both cohort and collected case series from several different studies, such as (U-CAN   and  Northern Sweden Health and disease study

Head of research

Beatrice Melin
Professor, senior consultant (attending) physician, professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Radiation Sciences, The Biobank Research Unit

Research area

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