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Kristina Stefansson

Research group Plasmakllikrein, FXI, FXII and other factors of the hemostatic system

The anticoagulative drugs used today for treatment of patients with an increased risk of thrombosis, by instance heparin, warfarin and direct oral anticoagulants, function against specific coagulation factors. One of the drawbacks with these drugs is the increased risk of bleedings as a side-effect. New types of anticoagulant drugs which are in the pipe-line today, are inhibitors against other coagulation factors such as plasmakallikrein, FXI, and FXII. Theoretically, these drugs would give protection against thrombosis without increased risk of bleedings. The unit of Clinical Chemistry in Umeå perform coagulation assessments for the whole Northern region of Sweden. To improve our interpretation of analyses in people with different conditions, such as pregnancy, we need more knowledge and better reference intervals for our support. Therefore, we focus our research on a better understanding of hemostatic factors and thrombophilic mechanisms.

Head of research

Kristina Stefansson
Assistant professor, resident physician, physician


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Medical Biosciences
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    Niklas Cederlöf