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Image: Rickard Sjöberg

Rickard Sjöberg

Research group We are trying to understand brain function and how it can be protected in people with brain tumours and other neurosurgical conditions.

Surgery is one of the most important forms of treatment for brain tumours that originate in the glial cells of the brain, called gliomas. At the same time, surgical intervention in the brain always carries a risk of affecting brain function. We are working to understand, manage and prevent such effects in glioma patients and other patients with neurosurgical conditions through a range of methods and approaches.

Our focus is thus often interdisciplinary, spanning a range of academic fields such as neuro-oncology, molecular biology, philosophy, neurosurgery, neurology, psychology and psychiatry.

External fundings: Sjöbergstiftelsen, Lions Cancerfond för Norra Sverige

Head of research

Rickard Sjöberg
Associate professor, senior consultant (attending) physician


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Clinical Sciences

Research area

Cancer, Clinical medicine, Psychology

External funding

Region Västerbotten

External funding

"Important discoveries often wait for you in the gaps between disciplines"

Rickard Sjöberg moves between academic disciplines, but says he often realizes that the gap isn't so wide.

Latest update: 2022-03-14