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Clinical medicine

In Clinical Medicine, research is conducted that aims to find new treatments, diagnostic methods and preventive measures against diseases. The research covers a wide range of topics, from pregnancy and children - including those born prematurely - to all organs of the healthy and diseased adult body, including psychiatry.

Latest news

Jian-Feng Mao and Cemal Erdem sit across from each other at a white table and discuss.
Cemal Erdem and Elin Chorell seek collaborators at a Lunch Pitch

The pitches covered cancer and disease modeling and the role of sphingolipids in metabolic diseases.

An audience of seated researchers listen intently to a research pitch while eating their lunches
IceLab opens the 2024 Lunch Pitches

IceLab opens its Lunch Pitch season with pitches related to aging from Verena Kohler and Mattias Forsell

Iva personal
New advanced course in intensive care

This autumn, a new advanced course in intensive care starts at Umeå University.

Stiliserad bild av hjärta med frekvenskurva
Increased risk of heart rhythm disruption after COVID-19

Individuals infected with COVID-19 are also at an increased risk of suffering from heart rhythm disturbances.

Healthy millions from the Swedish Research Council for research at Umeå University

Umeå University is well ahead in autumn's allocation in the medical field from the Swedish Research Council.

Unique data on the risk of cardiovascular disease

Umeå University has contributed to results on lifestyle factors, based on data on 1.5 million people.


"I feel quite satisfied with what I leave behind"

Hand surgery attracted to a life in the north.

"Important discoveries often wait for you in the gaps between disciplines"

Rickard Sjöberg moves between academic disciplines, but says he often realizes that the gap isn't so wide.

Psychiatric drugs may cause adverse cardiac event in young people

ADHD drugs has not been tested in combination with other drugs or in children with different conditions.

The future of teaching?

Is VR the new classroom technology?

Interest in people led to the medical profession

We have met Malin Sjöström and talked about the new medical school and her new exciting research idea!

The professor who sees that anything is possible

Per Lindqvist is the professor who is driven by his curiosity to understand everything a little better

Research infrastructures

Biomedical Engineering – Research and Development (R&D)
The Department of Biomedical Engineering-R&D at University Hospital of Umeå is an important partner in e.g, developing equipment or as a technical...
Biotek EL406TM Microplate Washer/Dispenser with Microplate stacker
EL406 is an automation friendly, multifunctional washer and dispenser for 96-well microplates.
Clinical Research Center
The Clinical Research Center is a joint resource for Region and University for near-patient clinical studies. The Clinical Research Center may...
Clinical Studies Sweden – Forum North
Clinical Studies Sweden – Forum North is a platform for research-supporting infrastructure with the goal of facilitating the implementation of...
Research area: Cancer, Clinical medicine
Analysis of cell surface bound as well as intracellular proteins and RNA expression with flow cytometry.
Kostdatabas i norra Sverige (NSDD)
NSDD contains refined dietary data based on food frequency questionnaries from Norrbotten and Västerbotten.
Biobank and database for children and young adults in Västerbotten.
Personalised screening, risk prediction, and understanding disease trajectories for early detection of disease - An integrated cohort approach.
Umeå Centre for Comparative Biology (UCCB)
Biomedical research on experimental animals at Umeå University is organized within Umeå Centre for Comparative Biology (UCCB).
Visible Speech (VISP)
Visible Speech (VISP) is an infrastructure developed to enable the handling of audio recordings of people speaking, in accordance with GDPR and IT...

Research groups

ALS Research Umeå
The ALS Research Center at Umeå University and University Hospital of Northern Sweden, Region Västerbotten, was established in 1993 and the...
Research area: Clinical medicine
Angelica Nordin Lab
I do research on the genetics behind amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). My main focus is on the expansion of a repetitive sequence (the...
Research area: Clinical medicine
CLISTER - Clinical Surgical Trials Epidemiological Research
Clister is a research group focusing on near patient surgical research.
Research area: Cancer, Clinical medicine
Danielson/Backman Laboratory
Lab of Professor Patrik Danielson and Associate Professor Ludvig Backman and co-workers.
Gastroenterology and hepatology
Our group works against liver diseases including liver cancer.
Hanna Nyström lab
Our research is about growing patterns, biomarkers, tumor microenvironment in metastatic colorectal cancer.
Research area: Cancer, Clinical medicine
Jan Oscarsson Lab
Our group studies mechanisms of the bacterium A. actinomycetemcomitans and periodontal diseases.
Josefsson prostate cancer group
We aim to improve diagnostics, prognostics and treatment of prostate cancer.
Magnus Sjögren's Research Group
Investigates the psychopathology and biology of eating disorders to find more effective treatments.
Research area: Clinical medicine
Martin Rutegård lab
Rectal cancer affects over 2,000 people/year in Sweden. About 1,600 are operated on with chance of a cure.
Research area: Cancer, Clinical medicine
Per Stål-research group
Our group is dedicated to translational research on healthy and pathological skeletal and cardiac muscles. The research areas cover studies of musc...
Per Zetterström Lab
ALS Research
Research area: Clinical medicine

Research projects

Abdominal rectus diastasis and anterior abdominal wall hernia
Research area: Clinical medicine
Duration 1 October 2022
Type of project Research project
The end of the road - patients' and doctors' understanding of Do not resuscitate orders
Research area: Clinical medicine
Duration 1 October 2022 until 31 December 2028
Type of project Research project
Remission of type 2 diabetes becomes possible through eHealth
Duration 31 August 2022 until 31 December 2028
Type of project Research project
Emotional intelligence among Swedish medical students
Research area: Clinical medicine
Duration 1 January 2021
Type of project Research project
Exposures associated with multiple sclerosis development – presymptomatic case-control studies
Research area: Clinical medicine
Duration 7 September 2020 until 10 June 2024
Type of project PhD project
Prostate cancer therapy for COVID-19
Duration 8 June 2020 until 31 May 2022
Type of project Research project
The BRECLIM trial
Research area: Cancer, Clinical medicine
Duration 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2029
Type of project Research project
Artificial intelligence in oncology: European REVERT
Duration 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2023
Type of project Research project