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Biobanken norr

Research infrastructure Biobanken norr is part of Laboratory Medicine within Region Västerbotten. Biobanken norr consists partly of an organizational unit registered with the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) with registration number 472, and partly of an operational unit.

All samples covered by the Biobanks in Medical Care Act must be a part of an IVO-registered biobank. It is possible for researchers to join Biobanken norr organizationally and then choose to use other services that Biobanken norr can provide.

Biobanken norr offers services to researchers by providing advice before application for ethical approval and in the preparation of agreements according to the Biobanks in Medical Care Act. We also provide service throughout the whole sample collection process, from study integration via sample handling and storage, to sample withdrawal.

Before new research projects and collection of new biobank samples, we can provide advice and support on practical and logistical issues such as the sample handling, labelling, tubes, labels and freezer storage.

We work on behalf of the healthcare principal Region Västerbotten and our main tasks include:

  • to be responsible for all sample collections, for both care and treatment as well as for research, which is part of the biobank with registration number 472, i.e. ensure traceability and safe storage,
  • to support new collection and to promote the availability of existing samples,
  • to provide services to researchers by advising on the establishment of agreements under the Biobanks in Medical Care Act, handling, marking, storing and distributing samples.

Resources within Biobanken norr

To provide this service, we have different competences that can assist throughout the whole process, whether it is a new collection of samples or collections of existing samples. Within Biobanken norr we have coordinators who can help coordinate both national and local studies and give advice on issues related to the handling process of samples. Our biomedical scientists can take care of incoming samples and later prepare them for withdrawals.  Laboratory technicians handle the deposit and gathering of samples.

In our freezer hotel it is possible to safely store samples in monitored low temperature freezers. A LIMS, Laboratory Information Management System, is used to ensure full traceability of samples and related information.

For more information please contact: biobanken.norr@regionvasterbotten.se

Website: https://regionvasterbotten.se/biobankennorr


Latest update: 2021-01-12