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Education in archaeology and environmental archaeology

Umeå University is the only University in Sweden which provides a Master's Degree in Environmental Archaeology. The subject is also introduced to our students at the Bachelor's level.

Archaeology students at Umeå come into contact with environmental archaeology as an integral part of their undergraduate training. They are familiarised with the laboratory, something quite unusual in a Scandinavian archaeology degree programme, and given the chance to try out a variety of analysis methods in a research and consultancy context. Whilst we hope that this will motivate a number of them to pursue environmental archaeology at a higher level, it also provides them with a greater appreciation of the importance of the natural sciences in archaeology and the humanities.

Courses in environmental archaeology are also available for study as optional/elective courses in other degree programs, or as part of an independent study programme. Our courses can provide you with some of the most comprehensive insights into the relationship between people, environments and climates, with a really long time perspective.

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Contact person for education

Johan Linderholm
Associate professor
Latest update: 2021-09-23