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User Fees

Access to Umeå NMR Platform is based on project application and approval. We welcome applications from beginners to experts. Access to the infrastructure is based on evaluation of project applications. Access can range from solely NMR instrument time, to measurement and data analysis support by our staff, to collaborative projects. Projects are prioritized based on scientific quality and on demand of infrastructure resources. The type of project does NOT need to be listed bellow for an application to be accepted.

Cost of access is based on cost of use of the spectrometers. Academic users will only deal with running costs, handling and general service costs. Base rates, which include rent and equipment depreciation are as follows: SEK 320/h for spectrometer time and SEK 1400/h for staff man hours. These values are not the same for departmental users.


Spectrometer Time

850 MHz        SEK 1800/day
600 MHz        SEK 1400/day
500 MHz        SEK 1000/day
400 MHz        SEK 1000/day

Internal departmental agreements do NOT apply to these rates.

Metabolomics and Fragment Based Screening(FBS)

150 SEK/sample (liquid)
300 SEK/sample (solid/tissue)

All Metabolomics and Fragment Based Screening projects include up to 40 hrs of staff time for pre & post-analytical handling, PCA & report.

For FBS additional fees for compound libraries might apply.

If a collaborative mode of service model is desired, please contact staff for details and discussion.

If additional time is required or desired, staff and/or spectrometer hourly rates will be applied.

Small molecules (automated)

400 MHz SEK 100/h
600 MHz SEK 210/h

Only actual acquisition time will be accounted (e.g. ca. 1min for 1D 1H, ca. 5min for 2D COSY).

Longer experiments (>30 min) are performed during night time (19h00-08h00) and weekends and are billed at 50% rate.

Basic support and communication is included.