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Research vessels

Research infrastructure At Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF), research vessels are available for research and environmental monitoring. UMF conducts regular sampling activities all year around in the Gulf of Bothnia, and when possible different projects and sampling activities are coordinated.

Research vessel KBV 181

KBV 181 is used for research and environmental monitoring. Onboard, there is advanced equipment for sampling and for biological and chemical analyses. Welcome to join our expeditions!

Open sea sampling

The research vessel KBV 181 is used for open-sea sampling in the Gulf of Bothnia.  It is owned and run by the Swedish Coast Guard, and brought into line with our needs. On board, there are well-equipped laboratories for chemical and biological analysis as well as advanced sampling equipment.

Apart from the crew of seven persons, there is room for eight persons to join the expeditions. The vessel is 56 metres in length and has a depth draught of 5.3 metres. It is assigned with ice class 1A, which means that it meets the requirements for navigation in ice.

Equipment on board:

  • Rosette sampler with 12 5 litres Niskin bottles and CTD SBE 911plus.
  • Measures conductivity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen and PAR-radiation
  • CTD, SeaBird SBE 19plus. Measures conductivity, temperature, pressure and PAR-radiation
  • Plankton net, WP-2 90 um mesh
  • Gemini sediment corer
  • Van Veen grab
  • Grapnel
  • Meter wheel, electronic display
  • Wire winch, 300 meter, diameter: 5 mm
  • QuAAtro AutoAnalyzer
  • Incubator for analysing phytoplankton production
  • Ventilated fume hood and other standard laboratory equipment


Coastal sampling

The research vessel R/V Botnica is available for coastal sampling and expeditions throughout the Gulf of Bothnia.

The vessel is 22.3 meters long, 4.8 meters wide and has a depth of 1.5 meters. The maximum speed is 14 knots. To better withstand ice, it is equipped with an extra thick hull in corten steel. On board there is space for 12 passengers plus a crew of two persons.

Equipment onboard:

  • Manual sampling equipment (water sampler, CTD-probe, bottom sampler, etc.)
  • Echo sounder
  • GPS and DGPS
  • Crane with 300 m wire (lifts 3 tons)
  • Electricity 230/400 V, 20.9 kVA
  • There is also the possibility of transporting a smaller boat on board if needed.

Contact R/V Botnica:
Call sign: SBZQ
MMSI: 265 781 580
Tel. (+46) 010-404 81 55

The hovercraft Arctica

Umeå Marine Research Centre's hovercraft Arctica is available in winter for coastal sampling and assignments in the Gulf of Bothnia. It is 5.5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The maximum speed is 30 knots over ice and 20 knots over water.

Equipment onboard:

  • Manual sampling equipment (water sampler, CTD probe, etc.)
  • GPS/Radar
  • Safety equipment
  • Specially adapted trailer for transport

Contact Arctica:
Call sign: 7SA2080
MMSI: 265 019 260

Smaller boats


The research boat Gråsuggan is 9.75 meters long and has a draft of approximately 1.20 meters. It has a one man crew and 2 berths. There is a toilet on board. Gråsuggan is available for coastal sampling during the period May-November.

Eligibility: Deck Officer class 8

Contact Gråsuggan:
Call sign: SFC 80 80
MMSI: 265 66 96 20


The trawling boat "Trolle" is available for coastal sampling and trolling. It is 7.10 meters long, 2,38 meters wide and the draught is about 0,85 metres.

Eligibility: Boating licence and participation in security briefing.
Trawling requires special training in the use of trawling equipment.

Contact Trolle:
Call sign: SFD 2318

Buster boat
A Buster-boat are available for coastal sampling. It is 5.0 metres in length and have a deep draught of about 0.7 metres. It is equipped with 70 horsepower engines and take 7 passengers. It is also equipped with  depth indicators and compasses.

Eligibility: Boating licence and participation in security briefing.

Linder boats
Umeå Marine Sciences Centre also provides two smaller boats (Linder)  for coastal sampling. They are 4.4 metres in length and have 4 horsepower outboard engines. The maximum number of people on board is 4.

Eligibility: Participation in security briefing.

Marine science at Umeå University

Please visit the following webpage to find information about ongoing research and available infrastructure within marine science: www.umu.se/en/marinescience

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