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Image: Joakim Ahlgren

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)

We contribute to the sustainable development of resilient productive marine ecosystems in Arctic, sub-Arctic and extreme environments.

Research at UMF

Welcome to UMF!

UMF is a hub for marine research in arctic, subarctic and extreme environments. Here, scientists from all over the world meet to perform research at sea or in our advanced indoor facilities.

Research vessel KBV 181

KBV 181 is used for research and environmental monitoring. Onboard, there is advanced equipment for sampling and for biological and chemical analyses. Welcome to join our expeditions!

Our engagements

Marine research

UMF is a dynamic environment for marine research including a complete suite of analytical platforms.

Monitoring the sea

UMF designs monitoring programs, performs sampling and analyzes and validates results.

Public engagement

Public engagement is a key activity for UMF. We work in cooperation with other universities and institutions.

Latest news

Microbes tell us about the environment

Li Zhao has studied marine microorganisms to find out how they react to climate change.

Sea water measured every minute

A Ferrybox enables water measurements every minute on research vessel KBV 181.

Research on sustainable blue economy receives 50 million

A new research program has been granted SEK 50 million by Mistra to develop processes for co-creation.

Marine archaeologists visited Annie

With help from Umeå Marine Sciences Centre, marine archaeologists have now investigated the wreck of Annie.

A non-target hunt for hazardous substances

Andriy Rebryk has developed a method for non-target screening for potentially harmful substances.

Bottom vegetation being monitored annually

This year UMF takes on a new monitoring assignment in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Our funders include: