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Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre is a unit at Umeå University with close links to the Departments of Ecology and Environmental Science as well as Chemistry. We are a dynamic environment for marine research and education also conducting environmental monitoring as a part of the Swedish environmental monitoring. We have a public engagement portfolio around research and environmental status, with particular focus on the Gulf of Bothnia.

What's up at UMF?

Welcome aboard KBV 181!

On June 6 we welcome the public on board the research vessel KBV 181 in the Port of Umeå, Holmsund.

Apply for offshore expeditions

The research vessel KBV 181 is available for offshore sampling.

Our fields of work

Monitoring the sea

UMF designs monitoring programs, performs sampling and analyzes and validates results.

Marine research

UMF supports research by providing laboratories, vessels and equipment for marine sampling and analysis.

Public engagement

Public engagement is a key activity for UMF. We work in cooperation with other universities and institutions.

Latest news

Millions to research on the role of forests in climate change

Per Stenberg receives a grant of almost 16 million SEK for research on the role of forests in climate change.

Visiting professor André de Roos shakes up established ideas in theoretical ecology

Mathematicians call him ecologist, ecologists a mathematician. André is a comfortable interdisciplinaire.

International collaboration within EcoChange

International collaboration leads to strong research of high quality within the research programme EcoChange.

New evaluation model for more sustainable cities

Includes two life cycle tools and takes into account the effect of the city's services in water-waste-energy.

Prohibition of zero tapping in hydropower plants has environmental benefits

More environmentally friendly flows in regulated rivers only lead to small losses in hydropower production.

An arctic adventure

Icebreaker Oden is soon on its way northward. On board are researcher ready for new discoveries.