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Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre is a unit at Umeå University with close links to the Departments of Ecology and Environmental Science as well as Chemistry. We are a dynamic environment for marine research and education also conducting environmental monitoring as a part of the Swedish environmental monitoring programme. We have a public engagement portfolio around research and environmental status, with particular focus on the Gulf of Bothnia.

What's up at UMF?

Research vessel KBV 181

KBV 181 is used by Umeå University for research and environmental monitoring.

Our fields of work

Monitoring the sea

UMF designs monitoring programs, performs sampling and analyzes and validates results.

Marine research

UMF is a dynamic environment for marine research including a complete suite of analytical platforms.

Public engagement

Public engagement is a key activity for UMF. We work in cooperation with other universities and institutions.

Latest news

New study reveals clearcutting of old Swedish forests

Between 2003 and 2019 almost a fourth of Sweden's last old unprotected natural forests have disappeared.

Marine archaeologists visited Annie

With help from Umeå Marine Sciences Centre, marine archaeologists have now investigated the wreck of Annie.

Melting permafrost increases greenhouse gas from arctic lakes

When permafrost melts greenhouse gas emission from arctic lakes increase, as quantified in a new study.

A non-target hunt for hazardous substances

Andriy Rebryk has developed a method for non-target screening for potentially harmful substances.

Bottom vegetation being monitored annually

This year UMF takes on a new monitoring assignment in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Microalgae purify water and produce valuable compounds

Nordic algae are studied by Umeå University researchers within the project MicroBioRefine.