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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 14 January 2021)


Registration and Training

Potential users should follow the steps listed below before they are allowed to use the UCEM facilities:

  1. Attend and complete basic course on electron microscopy.
  2. Contact UCEM personnel for brief discussion on respective project.
  3. Obtain a copy of Authorization Agreement and Risk Assessment Form from UCEM personnel.
  4. Complete the project application form.
  5. Read the instrument handbook.
  6. Request training from UCEM personnel.
  7. Pass practical test.
  8. Maintain user qualifications.

Qualification & Reservation Policy

Booking session - 1 week prior to actual booked session on 'first-come-first-serve' basis.
Up to 4 hours per session.
Up to 2 sessions per week.
Session cancellation - no later than 24 hours prior to actual booked session.
Maintain qualification by refresher session (contact UCEM personnel).

User Levels

Level 0 - Starter (Introduction)
Level 1 - Beginner (work hours 9-5pm with technical staff)
Level 2 - Intermediate (work hours 9-5pm)
Level 3 - Advanced (24 hours, weekends, public holiday)