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Visible Speech (VISP)

Research infrastructure Visible Speech (VISP) is an infrastructure developed to enable the handling of audio recordings of people speaking, in accordance with GDPR and IT security requirements.

VISP provides access to a centralised environment for speech language research that strives to meet both researchers' needs for efficient workflows and legislators' demands for secure data management.

The infrastructure offers the research community a unified environment to perform reproducible speech signal processing in an environment that supports national and international collaborations. The VISP platform offers the most comprehensive set of publicly available speech and voice analysis procedures in the world within its framework.

Digital archiving of host projects is also facilitated by a uniform, documented and transparent directory structure for all projects in VISP, which also reduces barriers to making data available in accordance with the FAIR principles.

To gain access to the platform, researchers apply for a project space after an approved ethics review.

VISP is funded by the Swedish Research Council through the National Language Bank and the Swe-Clarin consortium, which develops and makes  digital methods and materials available in the humanities and social sciences.


Linda Sandström
Assistant professor
Johan von Boer
System developer

External funding

Latest update: 2023-03-14