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About Humlab

Humlab is a strong competence center at Umeå University with access to a technical environment specifically for digital humanities. Humlab has a cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary activity and the meeting of disciplinary boundaries is central

Humlab conducts research, teaching and collaboration within the field called digital humanities. Our mission from the faculty includes initiating, inspiring and developing the relationship between humanities, culture and information technology in research, postgraduate education and teaching.

The meeting between students, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs and international guests creates opportunities to do things that can not be done anywhere else. In the lab you can also just have a cup of coffee and work on your own stuff.

Find our lab

You will find our lab environment on the main campus, located under the University Library in the Social science building.

The address is Biblioteksgränd 10.

Some of our researchers, technical and administrative staff have rooms at level A4 in the Humanities building.


Book Humlab

To be able to book our facilities you need an account.


Our support staff will help you if there is any problem with the equipment in the lab.

Access to Humlab

You can only have an account if you have an Umu-ID if you need access to the facilities.