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More news

New advanced AI solutions will stop intruders accessing and leaking your data
Published: 2024-05-20

The professor who makes it difficult for attackers to spread sensitive information.

AI in Medicine at Karolinska
Published: 2024-05-15

The AI in Medicine network is organizing a Mini-Symposium at Karolinska Institute on Monday 27 May.

AI and Kinship – can a robot be family?
Published: 2024-05-13

Research project analyses how artificial intelligence is a part of family formations in speculative fiction.

How will AI affect writing and the teaching of writing?
Published: 2024-05-02

New research project investigates the impact of AI on the writing processes of 13–15 year olds.

Hannah's research on biased AI
Published: 2024-04-14

Hanna Devinney defends their thesis on biased AI on 18 April 2024.

The mysterious black box of AI has been opened by Umeå professor
Published: 2024-04-08

Professor Kary Främling can explain results, actions or recommendations made by the majority of AI systems.

Prejudices favour neither students nor the IT industry
Published: 2024-04-04

Getting more women and non-binary people to understand the opportunities in IT is a priority.

AI for Images and Genomes, Cancer Research at the Lunch Pitch
Published: 2024-04-02

Pitches: AI for image processing, understanding breast cancer risk and unravelling plant genome complexity.

Escaped Ukraine – now developing AI approaches to counteract misinformation
Published: 2024-03-11

Detecting and preventing false information about Ukraine.

New faculty for Stress Response Modeling excellence center
Published: 2024-03-08

IceLab seeks faculty for Stress Response Modeling excellence center.

Large Language models for efficient data management - new summer course!
Published: 2024-02-20

How to use the technology behind ChatGPT and the major language models.

Funding for new 3 year research project on AI-based automation
Published: 2024-01-30

A new research project is investigating how AI-based automation affects safety in forestry.

AI Policy Lab starts at Umeå University
Published: 2024-01-18

Towards the responsible implementation and use of artificial intelligence.

The future of AI-assisted police work is now being developed in Umeå
Published: 2023-12-14

Computing Science and the Police Education Unit in a unique research collaboration.

Virginia Dignum new member of the United Nation's AI Body
Published: 2023-10-26

Virginia Dignum is a new member of the United Nation's Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence.

The rise of AI will diminish our confidence in the written word
Published: 2023-06-26

The latest AI advancements are potentially diminishing the value of human writing

European project can improve precision medicine in cancer
Published: 2023-06-26

Professor Katrine Riklund has a leading role in a project that can improve precision medicine in cancer.

Two Calls for Micro Project Funding at TAIGA
Published: 2023-06-14

TAIGA invites researchers at Umeå University to apply for funding for micro-projects

NEWS: Pitch your research idea!
Published: 2023-05-16

TAIGA is pleased to announce its upcoming series of pitch events in September

Seminar: How Can AI Be Used to Prevent Sexual Abuse on Children?
Published: 2023-04-26

Seminar about how AI can be used to prevent sexual abuse on children, arranged by TAIGA.

Mini symposium on AI developments in precision medicine
Published: 2023-04-26

On May 29, a symposium will be held on the latest developments in AI in precision medicine.

Online event: How does artificial intelligence affect children and education?
Published: 2023-04-17

WASP-HS arranges event on how artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, affects children and education.

AI accelerates the development of the 5G network
Published: 2023-04-14

Artificial intelligence can troubleshoot the 5G network much faster than humans, according to a new thesis.

Intelligent robots don't always have to be more intelligent
Published: 2023-02-22

Develops a well-functioning, reliable and user-friendly interaction with autonomous systems.

AI today is somewhere between reality and hype
Published: 2023-02-21

AI systems do not just appear. Building the models requires many skills.

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