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Artificial Intelligence at Umeå University

AI, or artificial intelligence, is about systems and technologies that can analyze their environment and more or less independently take action to achieve a specific goal. At Umeå University, research and education in AI has been conducted since the 1970s. Today, close to 100 researchers and teachers work in the field of AI and they are found at all faculties - medicine, science, social sciences and humanities.

AI Research

Umeå University has world-leading researchers who work in national and international AI-projects.
AI research

Many of our AI projects fall under major national research programs.

AI staff

Nearly 100 researchers and teachers at Umeå University are involved in areas related to AI.

AI projects

Read more about Umeå University's research in AI that spans a large number of areas.

Education, training and collaboration within AI

At Umeå University, you can take courses and training to increase your competence in AI. We also collaborate with companies and organizations.
AI education

Umeå University is offering number courses in artificial intelligence.

AI Network

Collaborations in various forms are very important for the development of AI.

All You Want to Know About AI!

A seminar series arranged by TAIGA, Centre for Transdisciplinary AI.

Latest news on AI at Umeå university

The rise of AI will diminish our confidence in the written word.

The latest AI advancements are potentially diminishing the value of human writing

60 million cancer images available in 14 EU countries

Professor Katrine Riklund has a leading role in a project that can improve precision medicine in cancer

Two Calls for Micro-Project Funding at TAIGA

TAIGA invites researchers at Umeå University to apply for funding for micro-projects

NEWS: Pitch your research idea!

TAIGA is pleased to announce its upcoming series of pitch events in September

Seminar: How Can AI Be Used to Prevent Sexual Abuse on Children?

Seminar about how AI can be used to prevent sexual abuse on children, arranged by TAIGA.

AI IN PRECISION MEDICINE – latest development and future directions

On May 29, a symposium will be held on the latest developments in AI in precision medicine.

His AI and VR skills is highly valued

Engineer – and future doctor. Karl Nyberg, student representative in the Faculty of Medicine's AI council.

Anders wants to reduce debris and interference in X-rays

Anders Garpebring wants to get sharper and clearer results from images of cancerous tumors, with help of AI.

AI technology - on the rise in medicine

Jenny Persson, Professor, sees great opportunities for AI in the field of medicine.

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