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Green industrial revolution

This sub-project studies why the current wave of industrialization is happening now, why it is taking place in the north and whether it shares the basic characteristics with previous episodes of structural change, in terms of drivers and obstacles.

Since industrial transformation in northern Sweden is assumed to play a central role in the fossil-free economic development, the researchers want to investigate the driving forces and obstacles behind the current investments and how they can be compared with drivers of economic structural change in the past.

The research is based on quantitative and qualitative historical analyses of economic time series data, written sources, and oral history. In-depth interviews are conducted to understand the actors' perceptions of driving forces, limitations and collaboration with other sectors and actors. In addition, a database based on the interviews and other source material will be established together with sub-projects 2 and 3, both to organize empirical data and as a resource for future research.

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Deltagande forskare

Mattias Näsman
Postdoctoral position, assistant professor
Roine Viklund
Senior Lecturer, Luleå University of Technology
Latest update: 2023-06-19