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Adhesive dental biomaterials

Research project Biomaterials are used in the mouth to repair tooth damages becuase of f ex dental caries. The use of amalgam has decreased during the last years due to health risks and demands from patients for more esthetic materials.

New biomaterials like composites and ceramics and also new methods have been developed and introduced, in most cases without clinical testing. We perform from basic research in the laboratory to evaluations of dental materials, development and producing dental biomaterials and production techniques, clinical testing of biomaterials and placement techniques, and evaluating biocompatibility. On our web site, , the members of the research group are presented as well as a variety of different research projects, varying from diagnosis and improved treatment of patients with problems related to biomaterials, biocompatibility, development and evaluation of new dental biomaterials and clinical dental research which gives answers to the questions from general dentists.

Head of project

Jan van Dijken
Other position

Project overview

Project period:

2006-06-30 2011-12-31


Finansår , 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

huvudman: van Dijken, finansiar: VLL, y2006: 520, y2007: 200, y2008: 384, y2009: 379, y2010: 362, y2011: ,

huvudman: van Dijken, finansiar: Socialstyrelsen, y2006: , y2007: 350, y2008: 350, y2009: , y2010: , y2011: ,

huvudman: van Dijken, finansiar: JLL, y2006: , y2007: 100, y2008: , y2009: , y2010: , y2011: ,

huvudman: van Dijken, finansiar: UMU, y2006: , y2007: , y2008: , y2009: 300, y2010: 300, y2011: 300,

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Odontology

Research area

Environmental chemistry

Project description

In several in vitro och in vivo studies we investigate strength and durability of different adhesive bonding systems to the tooth enamel and/or dentin tissues. These bonding systems are investigated in several cavity filling classes as well as in ceramic and fiber-reinforced resin composite reconstructions. Clinical long-term longitudinal and cross sectional data are used to observe clinical longevity of these adhesive systems. The aim of the studies is to observe laboratory properties and to observe the clinical outcome of modified bonding systems in healthy adult patients.

We have formed an Oral Biomaterials group in the dental school. Co-researchers are found in several Public Dental Health clinics in Sweden all over and biomaterial departments at universities in Finland, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Brasil and Austria.