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Caring stories in Swedish compulsory school

PhD project The purpose of the study is to describe, analyse and discuss compulsory school pupils' experiences and stories of care based on their every school day life. This can also form the basis of a moral-pedagogical discussion in which the importance of masculine and feminine coded ethical perspectives in school is illuminated.

The dissertation will be based on data collected through observations as well as qualitative interviews with pupils in sixth grade.

Head of project

Project overview

Project period:

2018-09-23 2023-09-23

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious studies, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies

Research area

Educational sciences, Gender studies, Religious studies and theology

Project description

The following questions have been raised for the study:

1. How do pupils in compulsory school describe their experiences of care?
2. How do pupils in compulsory school experience and tell about themselves as actors and recipients of care?
3. In what way does pupils in compulsory school describe their experiences of care based on their every school day life?
4. How are gendered differences and similarities articulated in compulsory school pupils' stories of care?
5. What actions, possible to link to care can be observed in compulsory school pupils' school day and in what way do these expressions take place?
6. In what way can observed actions, possible to connect to care, be seen in relation to gender-coded expressions?