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Head of research

Andreas Josefsson
Assistant professor, combined with clinical employment, other position


External webpage

External project members

Karin Welén, Sahlgrenska Academy
Magnus Gisslen, University of Gothenburg
Johan Stranne, University of Gothenburg
Karlis Pauksens, Uppsala University
Anna Billax
Olof Akre, Karoliska Institutet
Tobias Nordstrom, Karolinska Institutet
David Robinsson, Region Jönköping
Anna Jonsson Henningsson, Region Jönköping
Anders Bjartell, Lund University
Anna Nilsson, Lund University
Eva Freyhult, Uppsala University
Johan Styrke, Umeå University
Johanna Repo, Umeå University
Cecilia Ryden, Lund University
Magnus Wagenius, Lund University
Camilla Thellenberg, Umeå University
Frida Samuelsson