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Image: Markus Nordin

Damage Done: Indigenous peoples' experiences of and recommendations for energy production

Research project Interactions between extractive industries and Indigenous peoples have become increasingly relevant in a global perspective. This project aims to link historical processes of Swedish hydropower development with contemporary consequences in order to investigate conflicts between Indigenous peoples and industry, intergenerational trauma, as well as investigate Indigenous peoples’ recommendations for future relation building with industry.

In this project we will conduct historical case studies, interviews and international comparisons to investigate: Impacts of historical and contemporary industrial developments; extractive industries’ (in particular Vattenfall) use of Corporate Social Responsibility; hydropower or other extractive industries’ impacts on Indigenous peoples in Sweden, Norway, Finland and South Australia. The project has been preceded by a pilot study where discussions have been conducted with Sámi groups to assess their interest in participation in the project.

Head of project

Åsa Össbo
Research fellow

Project overview

Project period:

2019-11-01 2024-06-30


Swedish Energy Agency. Diarienummer 2018-002606

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Arctic Centre at Umeå University, Várdduo - Centre for Sami research

Research area

Ethnology, History, Sami studies
Latest update: 2018-12-04