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Environmental Economics Applications in Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, and District Heating

PhD project within the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University. The project was finished on 20 november 2020 when Alejandro Egüez defended his thesis.

Alejandro's research concerns resource efficiency from an institutional and environmental economics standpoint. He puts focus on analyzing energy efficiency in the residential sector, EU’s waste hierarchy, and district heating.

Head of project

Alejandro Egüez
Visiting researcher

Project overview

Project period:

2014-10-01 2019-10-01


the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University / Umeå Energi

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics

Research area


Project description

In the first paper, ownership and energy performance are linked in a conceptual framework, and Alejandro Egüez together with Thomas Broberg have found evidence that the type of ownership matters for the energy performance of multi-dwelling buildings.

In the second paper, Alejandro Egüez together with Thomas Broberg and Andrius Kažukauskas evaluate the effect of energy performance certificates (EPCs) in investments that can improve the energy efficiency of single-family houses.

In the third paper, he investigates what country characteristics can explain compliance with the EU Waste Hierarchy, which establishes a priority order on how to handle waste. Under the EU Waste Hierarchy, waste reduction and re-use have the top priority followed by recycling and waste-to-energy, while waste disposal is the lowest in the hierarchy.

Finally, in the fourth paper of the thesis, Alejandro Egüez looks at what can explain the differences in prices between district heating networks. He gives a particular focus on the role of ownership, voluntary disclosure, and the competition of heat pumps.

Alejandro Egüez is a PhD student at the Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics, CERE. His external party is Umeå Energi.

Latest update: 2021-04-07