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Image: Mattias Pettersson

Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation

The Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation creates opportunities for collaboration between Umeå University researchers, business and the public sector through jointly funded research projects. Together with an external part, the doctoral student and supervising researcher work for four years with a common problem that needs to be explored. We have trained more than 80 researchers together with more than 60 external partners.

About the Industrial Doctoral School

How it works: organization, background and set-up.

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Ongoing projects

We have PhD students represented at all four faculties. Read more about our projects.

Latest news

Disease-causing bacteria thrive in browner water

A new thesis reveals how climate change can promote potentially dangerous bacteria in the Baltic Sea.

New method measures pressure with high precision

Accurate measuring is crucial when for example dosing medicines and handling dangerous gases.

PFAS found in waste incineration residues

Unique study provides snapshot of PFAS.

Healthy aging through proactive measures

A thesis shows that senior meetings and fall prevention training are examples of such measures.

Umeå Energi collaborates with doctoral students on environmental issues

The Industrial Doctoral School projects provide important knowledge for the future.

Reduced climate impact by better insight in life cycle assessment

The right tools are key to ensure investment decisions that reduce global emissions, new thesis shows.

Alumni portrait

IT manager returns to his roots in the Industrial Doctoral School

Region Västerbotten is investing in AI research in close collaboration with the University.

The Industrial Doctoral School is more than just business

"The Industrial Doctoral School will always be close to my heart,” remarks Kristina Sehlin MacNeil.

Business contacts led to a job after graduation

Jonas Westberg was one of the first doctoral students at IDS. Today, he works in the industry in Norway.

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