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Predicting and monitoring alpine lake productivity in a changing climate

Research project The project aims to increase the knowledge and monitoring of climate impacts on Arctic lake productivity.

Head of project

Project overview

Project period:

2024-01-01 2026-12-31

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Ecology and Environmental Science

External funding

Formas, Carl Tryggers Stiftelse

Project description

Arctic regions are subject to pronounced warming, with expected major impacts on the numerous lake ecosystems and the services they provide. Recent research stress that responses of Arctic lakes to a warming climate are different from expectations based on conventional knowledge. Thus, stakeholders lack adequate tools for sustainable management of Arctic lakes.

This project aims to fundamentally advance the understanding, predictability, and monitoring of climate impacts on Arctic lake productivity. Specific objectives include to a) assess direct (on lakes) and indirect (via changes on land) climate impacts on key abiotic and biotic processes in lakes, and how these impacts vary across landscape settings and lake types, b) develop models for scaling and predicting lake productivity across Arctic landscapes and climate conditions, c) identify conditions where lake ecosystems are at risk of experiencing major shifts in productivity with climate change, and d) generate monitoring methods and guidelines for management of Arctic lakes in a changing climate.

The project will address project objectives by field studies and process-based modeling of lakes in Arctic-Alpine Sweden, and field test of methods and development of guidelines in collaboration with County administrative boards responsible for monitoring and management Arctic lakes in N. Sweden.

External funding

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