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Sami Culture in a Nordic Perspective

Research project The project focuses on the fact that the agenda that is presented from the government to the Sami Parliament in Sweden, far from always has clear definitions and frames. Here the cultural domain within indigenous politics is highlighted.

The Final Report of the governmental Indigenous Delegation (March 2005)states that Swedish Sami politics has changed a lot uring the last ten years. An increased Sami self-determination has been introduced, which also means a greater responsibility. There is a need for more accurate definitions and terminology, in order to improve the work thar relates to Sami culture. The project creates possibilities for at long-trm planning and development. Moreover, it rveals the relation between needs and resources, and is concerned with the differences between Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Head of project

Project overview

Project period:

2005-07-01 2006-06-30


Finansår , 2005, 2006

huvudman: CeSam, finansiar: Sametingets Kulturråd, y2005: 273, y2006: 285,

huvudman: CeSam, finansiar: Statens Kulturråd, y2005: 100, y2006: 100,

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Várdduo - Centre for Sami research

Research area


Project description

The Sami have an ambition to improve the opportunities to influence uture political strategies, concerning Sami culture and society. A united Sami cultural policy has during as long time been discussed in Sami media,in the Sami Parliament, in the Sami Parliamentary Council, and in Sami organizations. The Nordic Sami Parliaments have strived for the coordination and cooperation, and has initiated issues with a pan-Sami profile. The work hasnevertheless benn limited, mostly dueto insufficient resources for this type of cativity.

The project deals with the the last decades of sami politics, a period with great changes. There has been much progess, but also backlashes. In many areas the Sami in the four different countries have joined in cooperations and arrangements. There i yet not so much of this involving the political work, especially not when it comes to the relation to the state.
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