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Sawmills in Northern Sweden and the globalization of the forest industry.

Research project This project investigates how SME sawmills in northern Sweden handled new competitive conditions after 1970.

The dependence of the SME sawmills on local markets could mean that informal commercial relations were relatively more important than competition with price. The source material of the project is the 1972 business census, online business databases and interviews. What characterized the development of the sawmills in terms of productivity, organization, technology, markets and profitability? What role have organizational forms like flexible specialization had for the competitiveness and development of the sawmills? The project provides knowledge of competitiveness through flexible specialization and different types of strategic partnerships.

Head of project

Thomas Pettersson
Associate professor

Project overview

Project period:

2019-01-01 2023-06-30


Handelsbankens forskningsstiftelser, 2019-2020: SEK 600,000

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Faculty of Social Sciences

Research area

Economic history
Latest update: 2018-06-28