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Image: Sametinget/Marie Enoksson

The health and well-being of Sámi youth in Sweden: outcomes, perspectives and priorities

Research project This is a mixed method project that aims to lay a foundation for improving health and well-being among Indigenous Sámi youth in Sweden.

This will be accomplished through establishing a community based participatory research framework with the Sámi youth organisation Sáminuorra as partners, and pursuing three specific research objectives.

Head of project

Petter Stoor
Postdoctoral fellow

Project overview

Project period:

2022-01-01 2024-12-31

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Epidemiology and Global Health

Research area

Public health and health care science, Sami studies

External funding


Project description

Objective 1 will analyse self-reported health outcomes for young Sámi, compared to non-Sámi peers. The Public
Health Agency of Sweden (PHAS) conducts the national “Health on Equal terms” survey in 2021. PHAS and the Sámi parliament have agreed to fund and support a simultaneous data collection among Sámi, which I will colead
during 2021. In 2022 I will merge those datasets and analyse the lifestyle habits and general, physical and mental health of Sámi, compared to non-Sami peers, for the 18-24-year olds.

Objective 2 will apply a qualitative stakeholder analysis, where institutions at local (municipalities within the Sámi administrative areas), regional (health care regions) and national (government authorities) levels will be interviewed.
Data will be analysed thematically, and results will elucidate in what ways institutions are working,or could work, to support the health and well-being of Sámi youth.

Objective 3 will be carried out through a concept mapping study with Sáminuorra members as participants. Using an online tool and a structured stepwise process, the participants will brainstorm ideas, refine and categorise
them, and rate suggestions in regards to their importance and feasibility. The outcome will be a map of the Sámi youth’s priorities for improved health and well-being.

Finally, the project will invite key stakeholders and the Sáminuorra board to a workshop, where all the findings will be presented, and a joint roadmap to improve the health and well-being of Sámi youth will be developed.

External funding

Latest update: 2023-02-02