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Transport derived ultrafines and the brain effects

Research project This project aims to elucidate the impact of traffic related nanoparticles in humans, both by using experimental (human volunteers) and epidemiological study approaches.

Head of project

Anna Oudin
Lund University

Project overview

Project period:

2019-01-01 2023-12-31


Horizon 2020 (EU)

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Psychology

Research area


Project description

Both effects of short-term and long-term exposure to air pollution will be assessed. The different studies within this work package will provide a wealth of scientific information that can be used in various approaches for human health risk assessment of the effects of traffic-related air pollutants and nanoparticles on AD and the olfactory system, and any interactions in those effects. Combined, the deliverables from this work package will be valuable input for work package 6, where intervention measures for emissions and plan future traffic policy will be assessed.

Latest update: 2020-02-11