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Staff photo Anette Bagger

Anette Bagger

Researcher and Senior Lecturer with and interest in matemathics and special educatione. Special interests: equity, assessment, sociopolitical issues.


Works at

Associate professor (on leave) at Department of Science and Mathematics Education
Naturvetarhuset, huskropp A, plan 5, Johan Bures väg 16 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Affiliated as research fellow at Umeå Mathematics Education Research Centre (UMERC)

My background is primary school teacher in Science and Mathematics in grades 3-9, with an exam as teacher for pre-school class up to the seventh grade. Later I made an exam as special education teacher and became a counselor at the Special Education School Authority (SPSM) working with students with visual impairments. I have devoted myself to school development and on promoting equity in the opportunities to learn by bridging obstacles and contributing to conditions for a good learning and teaching environment for all students. In addition to my teacher education, I have a special education diploma, a master's degree in visual impairment education, a project manager training and a degree in postgraduate education.

My research fields are mainly Special Education and Mathematics Didactics. I study students in need of support and what the specifics in the teaching and learning for this student group on an individual, group and organizational level. Issues of equity, participation, exclusion and inclusion are often raised in my research concerning these various levels. Aspects of multilingualism and language skills generally in assessment practice are also an area of interest. Planning, implementation and consequences of different assessment practices are areas often involved in my research. These are emphasized as having socio-political, relational and social aspects. I prefer to work close to practice, with what is relevant or important for teachers.

My degree in postgraduate education is a Degree of Doctor of Philopsophy in Educational Work with specialization in Mathematics. I have continued my research by following up pupils in a multilingual school that participated in the dissertation study, when they later conducted national tests in the ninth school year and made their choice for high school. I am also involved in a research project in the compulsory school for students with learning disabilities, together with Eva Silfver and Elisabeth Raddock at Umeå University. This project concerns participation and assessment. Otherwise, I devote myself to describing and researching what special educational mathematics is in practice and in research: which methods, what students and what knowledge seem to be about. This branch of my research is conducted with Helena Roos at Linnaeus University and Margaretha Engvall at Linköping University. I have peer-reviewed research articles for NOMAD and for RME (Research In Mathematics Education) and participate as a guest editor in a forthcoming issue in NOMAD related to mathematical difficulties.

In addition to my research, I devote myself to teaching in undergraduate and further education in teacher education. This often concerns the areas Mathematics and Special Education and elements related to assessment. I also supervise the thesis work of teacher students.

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