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Staff photo Berit Aronsson

Berit Aronsson

Works at

Associate professor at Department of Language Studies Units: Spanish
Z, Lärarutbildningshuset, plan 4 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I joined Umeå University in 1998 as a teacher of Spanish as Second Language. My main teaching areas are Spanish pronunciation and phonetics, methodology within the Teachers Training Program and ICT-based teaching and learning. My research concentrates on L2 prosody (especially L2 Spanish), Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Second Language Teaching and Learning, and Pragmatics in SLA. In my recently finished PhD project I investigated prosodic patterns in spontaneous aswell as read speech with focus on the pragmatic act and its prosodic realisation. I plan to further investigate different aspects of interactional competence from a foreign language perspective, where pragmatic as well as psychological factors are taken into consideration.

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