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Erik Faergemann

Resident in Neurology at Sundsvall Hospital. PhD student working in Jonatan Salzer research group.



Works at

Affiliated as research student at Department of Clinical Sciences Units: Neurosciences
Norrlands universitetssjukhus, Umeå universitet, Klinisk vetenskap Umeå universitet, Klinisk vetenskap, 901 85 Umeå

I work as a resident in neurology att Sundsvall Hospital and as PhD student in Jontana Salzer research group. My research is focused on assessing gait and balance after vestibular rehabilitation. I am Prinicipal Investigator (PI) for the Balanskontrollstudien at Sundsvall Hospital. The Balanskontrollstudien is a national randomized controlled trial that is funded by the Swedish Research Council, with the aim of developing and evaluating an online tool for rehabilitation after acute vertigo.