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Helena Näs



Works at

Naturvetarhuset, huskropp A, plan 5, Johan Bures väg 16 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
NOFA9: Education, knowledge and Bildung in a global world: Book of Abstracts, Åbo Akademi University 2023 : 138-138
Varg, Lina; Näs, Helena; Ottander, Christina
NorDiNa: Nordic Studies in Science Education, Vol. 18, (1) : 128-142
Varg, Lina; Näs, Helena; Ottander, Christina
Nordisk arbeidsmodell for undervisning for bærekraftig utvikling, Oslo: Naturfagsenteret 2017 : 14-19
Manni, Annika; Näs, Helena; Åberg, Erika
Umeå: Umeå universitet, Institutionen för naturvetenskapernas och matematikens didaktik 2010
Näs, Helena
The nature of research in biological education: Old and new perspectives on theoretical and methodological issues, Utrecht, The Netherlands: CD-beta Press 2009 : 297-311
Näs, Helena; Ottander, Christina
Science education: Shared issues, common future, Singapore: National Institute of Education 2009 : 1281-1318
Näs, Helena; Ottander, Christina; Benckert, Sylvia
NorDiNa: Nordic Studies in Science Education, Oslo och Göteborg: 2008, Vol. 4, (2) : 177-191
Näs, Helena; Ottander, Christina

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