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Umeå Science Education Research (UmSER)

Research group UMSER is a research environment with an open and collegial atmosphere, providing rich opportunities for collaboration and to give and receive constructive feedback to develop our research. The research within UmSER comprises quantitative, qualitative, and critical studies – which are often combined. The collegial discussions—often held within the UmSER seminar series—touch upon methodological and theoretical aspects of our research, but also upon issues relating to instructional practices.

Since 2004, about 20 dissertations have been produced and we currently have six PhD candidates. The research aims at increasing our knowledge about the importance of teaching, subject content, learning context, gender, epistemic beliefs and motivation for interest and learning in science.  The research applies to both students and teachers and includes all stages of formal education, from preschool to university. Our research often has an applied approach and a potentially high degree of concern for teachers in schools and universities. Leaders of the research environment are Professor Mikael Winberg (also the seminar leader) and Professor Christina Ottander. Within UmSER, besides the general seminar series, we also have specialized seminar series led by Associate Professor Johanna Lönngren (focus on sustainable development) and Associate Professor Maria Berge (identity and power perspectives in science and technology education, NTG).

For more information on our research, please continue to our official webbsite: UMSER

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Latest update: 2022-10-21