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Staff photo Ida Linander

Ida Linander

I do research on LGBTQ people's experiences of health and healthcare and also on broader questions about gender, sexual health and healthcare systems.



Works at

Research fellow at Department of Epidemiology and Global Health
5B, Målpunkt P, Försörjningsvägen 7 B, Norrlands universitetssjukhus Epidemiologi och global hälsa, Umeå Universitet, 90185 Umeå

MD. PhD and docent/accociate professor in public health. The dissertation concerned how transgender people experience the access to transspecific care and health experiences. Has since the PhD defence done research on sexual consent, experiences of safety among LGBTQ people and women's experiences of living with HIV. Currently runs a Forte-funded project on young trans people's mental health and also works in a project on social services' work with violence in close relationships and in one on separatism. Works primarily qualitatively with interview, policy and media material.

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Teaches in qualitative methods, social medicine, LGBTQ and gender issues at medical school, the master's program in public health and in gender studies.