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Health and living conditions of LGBTQ people over 65: an interview study

Research project The project aims to gain a deeper understanding of, and knowledge about, the health and living conditions of older LGBTQI people in Sweden. The study is a qualitative interview study with LGBTQI people over the age of 65 in a Swedish context.

The present interview study, which is carried out on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, aims to gain a deeper understanding of the health and living conditions of older LGBTQI people.

Head of project

Ida Linander
Research fellow

Project overview

Project period:

2022-08-01 2023-07-31

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Epidemiology and Global Health

External partners

The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Research area

Public health and health care science

Project description

The proportion of older people in the population is increasing, which also includes an increase in the proportion of older LGBTQI people (homosexual and bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex). The existing research from recent years in a Nordic context shows that older LGBTQI people generally have worse health than the general population. However, the specific and age-related stressors and needs of older LGBTQI people have not been highlighted to such a high extent in the Swedish context. More qualitative studies are needed that highlight both factors that negatively affect health and quality of life, but also highlight strengthening factors. The project will therefore interview older LGBTQI people (over 65) to increase understanding.

Questions to which the project seeks answers include, among other things: How do older LGBTQI people feel that the LGBTQI identity/experiences affect their everyday life and health? What factors do older LGBTQI people see as important for their well-being? How do you perceive the contacts with various welfare institutions in connection with aging (care, elderly care, etc.)? What needs do older LGBTQI people have – and what support do they want – to be able to age while maintaining well-being?

Latest update: 2022-09-20