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Joachim Sundqvist

Works at

Lärarutbildningshuset, Plan 4, Lärarutbildningshuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå


With commitments in both teaching and research, I strive to inspire and challenge my students to view food and eating from a fresh perspective. I am Joachim Sundqvist, a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science, where I have the privilege of engaging with the next generation of gastronomes, dietitians, and food scientists.

My teaching emphasizes the sociological and cultural dimensions of food and eating, a fascinating exploration that spans from the family dining table to global culinary trends. By investigating consumption behaviors and their relationship with culture and society, we uncover insights that reach far beyond the confines of the kitchen.

In my role, I also have the opportunity to instruct in scientific methodology and hospitality. This not only allows me to share my expertise but also to learn from my students, who consistently surprise and inspire me with their insights and creativity.

My research activities complement my teaching, as I continually seek new ways to understand and articulate the intricate connections between food and society. I am committed to bridging theory and practice, and I aim to make my research both accessible and relevant to my students and the wider community. This involves delving into a profound understanding of the meal experience as a phenomenon, integrating diverse aspects such as consumption value, social identity, cultural norms, and personal taste preferences within social practices. By concentrating on specific scenarios, such as business travel and outdoor dining, I have illuminated the multifaceted nature of meals. My work underscores the importance of recognizing the complexity and subtlety that define the meal experience, offering a rich and nuanced portrayal of what might initially seem a mundane aspect of daily life.

Should you be curious about the role of food in our lives, or if you wish to know more about the subjects on which I teach and conduct research, please do not hesitate to contact me. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to hear from you and possibly share my passion for food and education with you!

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Research projects

1 April 2024 until 1 April 2027
4 November 2020 until 3 November 2022