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Staff photo Johanna Arnesson

Johanna Arnesson

Johanna Arnesson is an assistant professor in Media and Communication Studies. Her research includes critical perspectives on promotion, political communication, and digital media.

Works at

Assistant professor at Department of Culture and Media Studies Units: -
Humanisthuset, Biblioteksgränd 3 (huvudentré) Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My research focuses on various intersections where politics and marketing meet, with a focus on socio-cultural perspectives on digital media, consumer culture and organisational communication.

The current research project deals with different forms of "influencer politics" and how this phenomenon is expressed in digital media in different ways. It includes influencers who engage in politics, commercial collaborations that are criticized and politicized by the audience, as well as how strategies and tactics from influencer marketing are adopted within political communication.

Everyday life in the culture of surveillance, Gothenburg: Nordicom 2023 : 67-88
Arnesson, Johanna; Carlsson, Eric
Snabbtänkt 2.0 22: reflektioner från valet 2022 av ledande forskare, Sundsvall: Mittuniversitetet 2022 : 43-
Arnesson, Johanna; Grandien, Christina
Organisationer och kommunikation, Lund: Studentlitteratur AB 2021 : 259-286
Arnesson, Johanna

I teach in the program for Strategic Communication, as well as the undergraduate education in Media and Communication Studies.

I am also program director for the undergraduate programs in Strategic Communication and Media and Communication Studies, with special responsibility for student issues.