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Staff photo Jonas von Hofsten

Jonas von Hofsten

Studies muscle cells - in the subject areas of embryonic development, regeneration and cancer.

Works at

Associate professor at Department of Integrative Medical Biology (IMB) Units: Group Jonas von Hofsten, Teachers A-wing, Teachers D1-wing
hus H, Johan Bures väg 12, Biologihuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My research focuses on the formation of muscle cell identities and how this is regulated during muscle regeneration via the satellite cells. One of my goals is to find ways to control the regeneration of certain muscle cell fates. I also study how different genetic backgrounds influence the progression of muscle derived rhabdomyosarcoma tumours.

I and the members in my research group use the zebrafish model system and I am resposible for the Umeå Zebrafish Facility (UZF).

Research group:

Hanna Nord, first research engineer

Eva Rodriguez Marquez, PhD student

Sara Destpak, medical student

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Research groups

Head of research
Jonas von Hofsten lab