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Mats Eriksson

I am a doctoreal resercher in environmental archaeology, studying how we with the use of kemometric methods, can trace the movement patterns of Neolithic people of Västerbotten, Swedens inland.



Works at

Doctoral student at Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies Section: Archaeology
A, Humanisthuset, HUM.A.129 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My main study involves the use of spectroscopic methods in order to identify and trace lithic artifacts in order to relate this materials chemical fingerprint to the movement patterns of people in the Neolithic. At the same time I am trying to find a relation between archaeological artifacts found at different archaeological sites and the raw material they are made of and compare these materials in order to study contacts in between groups of individuals, and there relations during the Neolithic.

I am teaching in the Neolithic and Bronze Age in the basic archaeology course as well as the theoretical prat of the GIS crouse for archaeology.