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Nicklas Strömberg


Senior dental officer

Deciphering host receptor configurations for oral bacteria bacteria into diagnostics and therapeutics in precision dentistry.

Works at

Professor, combined with clinical employment at Department of Odontology Section: School of Dentistry, Cariology
1D, våning 5, Norrlands universitetssjukhus Umeå universitet, 901 85 Umeå

Nicklas Strömberg and his group are studying why some but not others suffer from chronic infectious diseases such as caries and how dental care should be tailored based on needs.

Bacterial adhesion at the host interface and bacteria-bacteria interface has been pioneered in the human mouth. Salivary proline-rich protein (PRP) receptor epitope configurations drive colonization of oral commensal bacteria on teeth, while bacterial polysaccharide GalNAc configurations drive the pioneer oral biofilm communities. Nicklas Strömberg runs a research group that translates the understanding of how host receptors specify susceptibility and resistance and co-operate with microbial virulence in dental caries (ab below) and how this knowledge can be used in prediction (c, below) and pharmaceutical treatment of the disease by blocking the dual bacterial adhesion and patter recognition event.

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Research groups

Head of research
Nicklas Strömberg Lab