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Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE)


Anders Larsson
André Gyllenram
Anna Strömbom
David Skog
Gauthier Lanot

My research interests are in empirical micro-economics and econometrics, labour and public economics and public finance.

Giovanni Forchini

I am an econometrician interested many things ...

Göran Bostedt

Associate professor, natural resource economics. Visiting professor in forest policy, SLU. Deputy Director, CERE, Center for Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

Göran Carli
Hanna Lindström

Assistant professor. Main research field: public procurement, environmental policy evaluation, design and implementation, consumer preferences and producer behaviour. 

Johan Gustafsson
Johan Lundberg

Director of CERUM. My research include regional growth and migration, local public expenditures-, investments and taxes, local labor markets, consumer behavior, and public procurement.

Kenneth Backlund
Lisa Klaminder
Mats Bergman

Professor of Economics

Dean, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics

Mikael Svedberg
Nasteho Lander
Niklas Hanes
Samielle Drake

PhD student at the department of economics since december of 2020. My research interests include market competition, auction theory and sustainable public procurement.

Sara Widmark
Therese Sarlin
Tomas Raattamaa