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Várdduo-Centre för Sámi Research


Daniel Lindmark, professor

Professor of Church History at the Faculty of Arts (50 %) and Professor of History and Education at Umeå School of Education (50 %)

Göran Bostedt, associate professor
Isabelle Brännlund, research fellow (absent)

 Historian with an interest in culture, livelihoods and living conditions in Sápmi and northern Sweden.

Jing Helmersson, postdoctoral fellow

Mathematical modeling of climate change, dengue & mosquitoes. System dynamic modelling of happiness & life satisfaction. PhDs in physics 1989 (USA) and in public health 2018 (Sweden).

Krister Stoor, associate professor

Director of Várdduo - Centre of Sámi Research and associate professor at the Department of Language Studies/Sámi dutkan. Intellectual Indigenous traditions is my research interests. 

Kristina Sehlin Macneil, research fellow

I am a Researcher at Várdduo and the Co-Director for FADC. My research interests are conflicts between extractive industries and Indigenous peoples.

Lena Maria Nilsson, other position

My main research interest is temporal changes in Arctic lifestyle factors from a food security perspective and as triggers of low-grade inflammation and common uncommunicable diseases.

Main areas of interest: teaching, supervision and research on socioeconomic inequalities of health and health systems strengthening

Moa Sandström, project assistant, doctoral student
Per Axelsson, associate professor
Åsa Össbo, research fellow

I am a researcher at Várdduo. My research intersts are social consequences of and conflicts over natural resource extraction, mainly hydropower production, in Indigenous peoples' areas.